Top 10 Best New Movies on Netflix in November 2023

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Here are the top 10 outstanding movies available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure in November 2023, Release Date

We’ll be taking a closer look at the must-see films and TV series coming to Netflix this November, so grab your popcorn and get ready for a cinematic journey like no other.

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Top 10 Best Movies on Netflix in November 2023

Top 10 Best New Movies on Netflix in November 2023

1. Nyad (Drama, Release Date: November 1st)

We’re kicking off our list at number one with a captivating drama that’s sure to inspire and amaze. “Nyad,” tells the remarkable true story of athlete Diana Nyad. At the age of 60, with the unwavering support of her best friend and coach, she embarks on an epic quest to achieve her lifelong dream: a 110-mile open ocean swim from Cuba to Florida. This extraordinary journey will leave you breathless.

2. Best Christmas Ever (Holiday, Release Date: November 16th)

Next up at number two, we have a heartwarming holiday film that’s perfect for the upcoming festive season. “Best Christmas Ever” is a charming tale of friendship and the magic of the holiday season. Jackie sends her traditional cocky newsletter every year, but when fate reunites her with her friend, Charl, the two embark on a journey to prove that perfection may not be all it seems. Get ready for a dose of holiday cheer on November 16th.

3. Rustin (Historical Drama, Release Date: November 17th)

Now at number three, we delve into the pages of history with a powerful drama that demands to be seen. “Rustin” is the untold story of Bayard Rustin, the unsung hero behind Martin Luther King Jr.’s Civil Rights Movement. As an openly gay black man, Rustin dedicated his life to the quest for racial equality, human rights, and worldwide democracy. Yet his contributions have been overlooked. This compelling drama, releasing on November 17th, is a must-see.

4. Leo (Animated Family Comedy, Release Date: November 21st)

At number four, we have a delightful family comedy that will tickle your funny bone. “Leo” introduces us to Leo the lizard, who’s had enough of the same old routine. With just one year left to live, he hatches a daring escape plan, but he ends up having to save his class from a truly awful substitute teacher. This heartwarming animated family comedy arrives on November 21st.

5. Family Switch (Sci-Fi Family Comedy, Release Date: November 30th)

At number five, we have a feel-good family comedy that’s out of this world. “Family Switch” is a hilarious tale of family members who switch bodies during a rare planetary alignment. As they embark on a wacky journey to find their way back to normal, they discover that being in each other’s shoes brings them closer than ever before. Join in on the laughter when it premieres on November 30th.

6. Locked In (Horror Mystery Thriller, Release Date: November 1st)

Number six is a chilling mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. “Locked In” follows a compassionate nurse who delves into the enigmatic world of a coma patient. What she uncovers is a web of bitter rivalry, infidelity, betrayal, and murder. This horror-mystery-thriller fusion, directed by Nor Wazi, is set to send shivers down your spine on November 1st.

7. Sly 2023 (Documentary and Biography, Release Date: November 3rd)

At number seven, we have a documentary that pays tribute to a Hollywood legend. “Sly 2023” celebrates the indomitable Sylvester Stallone and his incredible career spanning nearly 50 years. This documentary explores his underdog story and the uncanny parallels between his life and the iconic characters he’s portrayed, from Rocky to Rambo. Directed by Tom Zimney, this documentary and biography fusion premieres on November 3rd.

8. Wing Women (Action Comedy Crime, Release Date: November 1st)

Number Eight is an action-packed comedy with a twist. “Wing Women” introduces us to two expert thieves who decide to pull off one last job and recruit the feisty Sam to assist them. But this heist is unlike any they’ve attempted before. Directed by Melanie Lauron, this action-comedy-crime mix promises to deliver high-octane entertainment on November 1st.

9. The Killer (Psychological Thriller, Release Date: November 10th)

Prepare yourself for a psychological thriller that will leave you questioning reality at number nine. “The Killer” follows a solitary and methodical assassin who waits in the shadows for his next target. However, the longer he waits, the more he starts to question his own sanity and composure. Directed by the master of suspense, David Fincher, this thriller arrives on November 10th.

10. Obliterated (Action Comedy Drama Series, Release Date: November 30th)

And finally, at number 10, we have an explosive TV series that promises non-stop action and humor. “Obliterated” revolves around an elite special forces team tasked with thwarting a deadly threat to Las Vegas. But after a wild celebratory party, they discover the bomb they deactivated was a fake. Now inebriated and racing against time, they must find the real bomb and save the world. This action-comedy-drama series will have you hooked from the first episode starting November 30th.

There you have it, the top 10 best movies and TV series on Netflix to watch in November 2023. From spine-tingling mysteries to heartwarming documentaries and adrenaline-pumping action, there’s something for everyone this month. So mark your calendars, gather your friends, and prepare for a month filled with incredible entertainment.

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