Fern Britton: Bio, Net Worth, Family & Career News

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Fern Britton, the renowned English television presenter and author. With an illustrious career spanning over four decades, Britton has made a name for herself in the television industry. She first gained recognition as a co-presenter on the popular show, Breakfast Time. From there, she went on to host various television programs, including the cookery game show Ready Steady Cook and ITV’s This Morning. Britton is also a talented author, having written several bestselling novels, books of short stories, and non-fiction works.

Fern Britton bio age, net worth, family, profession, Big brother celebrity news

Fern Britton Biography

In 2024, Fern Britton made headlines when she appeared on the reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother, capturing the attention of fans and the media alike. Her time on the show sparked discussions, particularly regarding her former This Morning colleague, Phillip Schofield, and her ex-husband, Phil Vickery.

When it comes to her personal life, Fern Britton was previously married to TV executive Clive Jones, with whom she has three children. She later tied the knot with celebrity chef Phil Vickery, but the couple announced their separation in 2020.

As a successful television presenter and author, Fern Britton’s net worth is expected to be substantial. While specific figures are not available, her achievements in the industry speak to her financial success.

Early Life and Education

Fern Britton, born on July 17, 1957, in Ealing, London, had a fascinating upbringing amidst the world of showbiz. Her father, Tony Britton, was a renowned actor, while her mother, Ruth Hawkins, provided a loving and supportive family environment.”

Having grown up in Ealing, London, Fern Britton attended Dr Challoner’s High School in Buckinghamshire. Following her passion for the performing arts, she pursued further education at the prestigious Central School of Speech and Drama in London. It was during her time there that she discovered her talent for stage management and honed her skills in this field.

Fern Britton’s early life and education provided her with a solid foundation for her future endeavours in the entertainment industry.

Fern Britton’s Career Life

Fern Britton embarked on her professional journey in the broadcasting industry in 1980. She kick-started her career as a continuity announcer and newsreader for Westward Television.

Achieving recognition for her talent and charisma, Britton went on to work for the esteemed BBC 1’s Breakfast Time. This opportunity made her the youngest national news presenter in the history of the BBC, solidifying her status as a rising star.

Throughout her career, Britton showcased her diverse skill set by co-hosting various shows, including Coast to Coast and That’s Gardening, during her time at TVS in Southampton.

Her passion for presenting led her to London News Network’s London Tonight and GMTV. Britton returned to Carlton Television to present After Five, captivating audiences with her charm and professionalism.

Britton’s career also expanded into ITV, where she presented a multitude of successful shows such as This Morning, Soapstar Superstar, and All Star Mr & Mrs, showcasing her versatility and ability to connect with viewers.

Her talent was not limited to ITV, as Britton also provided her expertise to the BBC, where she presented notable shows such as Ready Steady Cook, Fern Britton Meets…, and The Big Allotment Challenge. These shows revealed her ability to engage with guests and explore various facets of the entertainment industry.

In 2011, Britton briefly transitioned to Channel 4, hosting her own chat show aptly named Fern, further displaying her prowess as an engaging and charismatic presenter.

Take a look at the table below for a comprehensive list of Fern Britton’s notable TV appearances:

Television ShowChannel
This MorningITV
Ready Steady CookBBC Two
Fern Britton Meets…BBC
All Star Mr & MrsITV
The Big Allotment ChallengeBBC

Throughout her career, Fern Britton has consistently demonstrated her passion for presenting and her ability to captivate audiences across various channels, solidifying her status as one of the UK’s beloved television personalities.

Television Career

Fern Britton has had a successful television career, hosting various shows on multiple channels. She is best known for her work on ITV’s This Morning, where she co-presented with John Leslie and later with Phillip Schofield. Britton also presented the cookery gameshow Ready Steady Cook on BBC Two for several years. She has made guest appearances on shows like Have I Got News for You and As Seen on TV. In recent years, Britton has presented shows such as Fern Britton Meets…, The Big Allotment Challenge, and For What It’s Worth on BBC One.

Television ShowsChannel
This MorningITV
Ready Steady CookBBC Two
Have I Got News for YouVarious Channels
As Seen on TVVarious Channels
Fern Britton Meets…BBC One
The Big Allotment ChallengeBBC One
For What It’s WorthBBC One

Fern Britton Personal Life – Husband and Children

In terms of personal life, Fern Britton has had two marriages and a total of four children. She was first married to TV executive Clive Jones, and together they have three children. However, the couple later parted ways.

Britton found love again on the set of the popular cookery show Ready Steady Cook, where she met her second husband, celebrity chef Phil Vickery. The couple tied the knot and have one daughter together. Unfortunately, their marriage hit a rough patch and they announced their separation in 2020.

Fern Britton’s family has been an important part of her life, and she continues to prioritize her children’s well-being, even with the changes in her relationships.

Family Structure:

ChildrenFirst childChild of Fern Britton and Clive Jones
Second childChild of Fern Britton and Clive Jones
Third childChild of Fern Britton and Clive Jones
StepchildChild of Phil Vickery from a previous relationship
DaughterChild of Fern Britton and Phil Vickery

Fern Britton’s dedication to her family is evident, as she has navigated the complexities of family dynamics while maintaining her career in the entertainment industry. Despite the ups and downs, she remains a devoted mother and a role model for many.

Fern Britton Net Worth

While there is no specific information available about Fern Britton’s net worth, it is widely believed that she has accumulated a substantial fortune throughout her successful career as a television presenter and author. With her long-standing presence in the industry and numerous ventures, Britton has undoubtedly achieved financial success.

As a television personality, Britton has hosted popular shows such as This Morning and Ready Steady Cook, which have contributed to her professional accomplishments and financial stability. Additionally, her success as an author with bestselling novels and non-fiction books has further bolstered her earnings.

Despite the absence of exact figures, Britton’s enduring presence in the entertainment industry and her multiple ventures suggest a prosperous financial standing. Her talent, dedication, and success have undoubtedly played a role in securing her financial well-being.

While monetary figures are unknown, Britton’s significant achievements and long-standing career contribute to the perception that her net worth is substantial.

As a prominent figure in the industry, Fern Britton continues to captivate audiences with her talent and charm.

Celebrity Big Brother Appearance as a Contestant

In 2024, Fern Britton made a captivating appearance on the reality TV show Celebrity Big Brother.

During her time on the show, Fern made headlines with her candid discussions about her former This Morning colleague, Phillip Schofield. She also took a playful swipe at her ex-husband, Phil Vickery, adding an extra layer of intrigue to her appearance.

As anticipated, Fern’s participation in Celebrity Big Brother generated substantial celebrity news coverage, with fans eagerly anticipating each episode to see what she would reveal next. Her presence on the show added a dynamic element to the cast and kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

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