Celebrity Big Brother 2024: Cast, Start Date, Time, Contestants

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Celebrity Big Brother 2024 is here, and fans are buzzing with excitement to find out who will be entering the iconic house this season. With a stellar lineup of celebrities from various fields, this year’s cast promises to deliver thrilling entertainment and unforgettable moments.

But how long will this season of Celebrity Big Brother last? And when and where can you catch all the action? Let’s dive into the details!

Celebrity Big Brother 2024

When and Where to Watch Celebrity Big Brother 2024

If you’re eagerly waiting to catch all the excitement of Celebrity Big Brother 2024, we’ve got all the details of when and where you can watch the show. Get ready to immerse yourself in the drama, laughter, and unexpected twists as celebrities battle it out in the Big Brother house.

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 Start and End Date and Time

The new season of Celebrity Big Brother 2024 kicked off on Monday, March 4th. Don’t worry if you missed the start; you can still join in the excitement! The show airs on ITV1 and STV at 9 pm on weekdays and Sundays, so make sure to mark your calendars and set your reminders.

The Celebrity Big Brother final airs on ITV1, ITVX, STV and STV Player on Friday 22nd March 2024 at 9 pm.

Channel and Streaming Options

Not near a TV when Celebrity Big Brother 2024 is on? No problem! You can stream the show live or watch it on catch-up through ITVX and STV Player. Stay up to date with all the house drama wherever you are. Simply download the apps or visit their websites to access the live stream and catch up on any missed episodes.

Now, let’s recap:

DateDayTimeChannelStreaming Platform
March 4thMonday9 pmITV1ITVX
March 6thWednesday9pmITV1ITVX

Make sure to tune in to ITV1 and STV at the scheduled times or stream the show on ITVX and STV Player.

Now that you know when and where to watch Celebrity Big Brother 2024, get ready to be captivated by the thrilling journey of the housemates. Stay tuned for more updates, controversies, and surprises as the reality TV show unfolds.

Contestant in Big Brother Celebrity 2024 Cast

This year’s Celebrity Big Brother cast is a diverse mix of celebrities from various backgrounds, including music, television, and reality TV. Each contestant brings their unique personalities and experiences to the house, making for an exciting and entertaining season.

Here are the contestants of Celebrity Big Brother 2024:

Sharon OsbourneMusic/Television
Louis WalshMusic/Reality TV
Fern BrittonTelevision/Author
Ekin-Su CülcüloğluMusic
Nikita KuzminDance/Social Media Influencer
David PottsComedy/Reality TV
Bradley RichesFashion/Modeling
Zeze MillzMedia Personality/Author
Marisha WallaceMusic/Theatre
Colson SmithTelevision/Soap Opera
Lauren SimonTelevision/Reality TV
Gary GoldsmithEntrepreneur
Levi RootsFood/Business

It will be interesting to see how these celebrities interact and navigate the challenges of the Big Brother house. Stay tuned to Celebrity Big Brother 2024 to see who will emerge as the ultimate winner.

The Hosts of Celebrity Big Brother 2024

AJ Odudu and Will Best are the hosts of Celebrity Big Brother 2024. They previously hosted the show Big Brother 2023 Season and its companion series, Late & Live. The duo is excited to be returning as hosts and are looking forward to the new season.

AJ Odudu

AJ Odudu is a British TV presenter and journalist. She rose to fame as a presenter on Channel 5’s “Big Brother’s Bit on the Side” and has since become a familiar face on television. With her dynamic personality and infectious energy, she is sure to bring excitement to the Celebrity Big Brother 2024 stage.

Will Best

Will Best is an English television and radio presenter. He has a wealth of experience in hosting live entertainment shows and has appeared on various music and reality TV programs. Will’s charm and wit make him the perfect co-host for Celebrity Big Brother 2024, keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the season.

AJ OduduTV Presenter and Journalist
Will BestTelevision and Radio Presenter

Additional Programming for Celebrity Big Brother 2024

In addition to the main show, Celebrity Big Brother 2024 offers exciting additional programming to enhance your viewing experience. Fans can enjoy a live stream of the show on ITVX and STV Player, providing a behind-the-scenes look at what happens in the house beyond what is shown on TV. This live stream allows you to witness all the drama, alliances, and surprises as they unfold in real time.

But the entertainment doesn’t stop there. The Late & Live companion series is back, offering exclusive content and the first live interview with the evicted housemates. Join the hosts as they delve deeper into the strategies, challenges, and emotions experienced by the celebrities during their time in the Big Brother house.

With the Celebrity Big Brother live stream and the Late & Live companion series, you’ll have access to the ultimate insider’s view of the show. Don’t miss out on the unfiltered moments and the chance to hear directly from the housemates themselves. Tune in to ITVX and STV Player to catch all the action, excitement, and intrigue of Celebrity Big Brother 2024.

Additional Programming Highlights:

  • Live stream on ITVX and STV Player
  • Behind-the-scenes access to the house
  • Real-time updates on drama and alliances
  • Late & Live companion series
  • Exclusive content and interviews with evicted housemates

Duration of Celebrity Big Brother 2024

Get ready for an exciting three weeks of Celebrity Big Brother 2024! The show will captivate audiences with its thrilling twists, dramatic evictions, and intense competition. The season is scheduled to run for three weeks, providing ample time for the celebrities to showcase their personalities and form alliances.

While the finale date is yet to be confirmed, fans can expect an unforgettable showdown where one contestant will emerge as the winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2024. Last year, the previous season concluded on a Friday, leaving viewers eagerly awaiting the grand reveal of the champion.

Stay tuned for the final episode, which might air on Friday, March 22nd. In the meantime, enjoy each exciting moment leading up to the finale and place your bets on who you think will take home the coveted title!

Previous Season of Celebrity Big Brother

The previous season of Celebrity Big Brother, which aired in 2018, was filled with drama and excitement. After weeks of intense competition, it was Ryan Thomas, a former Coronation Street star, who emerged as the ultimate winner.

However, the season will be forever remembered for a controversial incident involving another housemate, Roxanne Pallett. She accused Thomas of aggressive behaviour, sparking a heated debate among the viewers. Fortunately, video footage revealed that the incident was just a playful interaction, and Thomas was eventually vindicated.

The previous season of Celebrity Big Brother not only showcased the competitive spirit of the contestants but also highlighted the impact of perception in a confined environment.

Previous Season Winner – Ryan Thomas

Ryan ThomasFormer Coronation Street starWinner
Roxanne PallettActressEvicted

Expectations for Celebrity Big Brother 2024

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 is set to captivate audiences with its ultimate social experiment. As the contestants bid farewell to their lives of luxury, they will be thrust into the high-pressure environment of the Big Brother house, where they will face a multitude of challenges and potential evictions. This season of Celebrity Big Brother aims to test the housemates’ interpersonal skills and resilience while providing non-stop entertainment for viewers.

The show represents a clash between luxury and reality, as celebrities from various backgrounds come together under one roof. This collision of personalities and experiences serves as the foundation for an exciting and unpredictable social experiment.

With each passing week, viewers will have the opportunity to witness the housemates’ endurance, adaptability, and ability to maintain their composure in the face of adversity. The tensions, alliances, and conflicts that arise within the house will provide a captivating insight into human behaviour, shedding light on the dynamics of social interactions.

Contestants Embracing the Challenge

The cast of Celebrity Big Brother 2024 includes renowned personalities from the world of music, television, and reality TV. As they embark on this unique journey, the contestants will undoubtedly bring their flair, talents, and idiosyncrasies to the forefront. Observing how these individuals adapt to their new surroundings and navigate the complex social dynamics within the house will undoubtedly be a source of intrigue and entertainment for viewers.

An Unpredictable Social Experiment

Celebrity Big Brother 2024 is not just a reality TV show, but a social experiment that pushes boundaries and challenges preconceived notions. It challenges the notion that celebrities are shielded from the realities of everyday life, exposing them to an environment where their status and achievements provide little comfort. By removing the trappings of fame and introducing them to a microcosm of the real world, the show offers a unique insight into the lives of celebrities when placed in unfamiliar and demanding situations.

Expectations for Celebrity Big Brother 2024Social ExperimentLuxury vs. Reality
Contestants embracing challengesAn ultimate test of interpersonal skills and resilienceColliding worlds of luxury and reality
Unpredictable social dynamicsInsight into human behavior and interactionsRemoving the trappings of fame
Entertainment for viewersUnique journey for contestantsA captivating social experiment

Behind-the-Scenes Access with Celebrity Big Brother 2024

Experience the thrill of behind-the-scenes access with Celebrity Big Brother 2024. Get an exclusive glimpse into the housemates’ lives 24/7 through the live stream available on ITVX and STV Player. Watch as they navigate challenges, form alliances, and face eviction, all beyond what is shown on TV.

But that’s not all. The Late & Live companion series provides even more exclusive content, giving you a deeper insight into the house dynamics. Tune in for the first live interview with the evicted housemates, where they share their experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

With this behind-the-scenes access, you’ll unlock a whole new level of entertainment and engagement with Celebrity Big Brother 2024. Don’t miss out on the live stream and exclusive content that will keep you hooked throughout the season.

Stay Connected with the Housemates

  • Witness their true personalities and interactions beyond what is shown on TV
  • Follow their journeys, triumphs, and challenges 24/7
  • Get a closer look at their strategies and game plans

Exclusive Content and Interviews

  • Access additional footage, unseen moments, and highlights
  • Enjoy exclusive interviews with housemates after their eviction
  • Discover insider information, gossip, and behind-the-scenes stories

Get Ready for Celebrity Big Brother 2024

If you’re eagerly awaiting Celebrity Big Brother 2024, get ready for an exciting entertainment experience like no other. In addition to the show itself, there’s more entertainment coverage to enjoy.

TV Guide Preview

Monday, March 4th9 pmITV1
Wednesday, March 6th9 pmITV1
Sunday, March 10th9pmSTV
Friday, March 22ndFinaleITV1

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