Paul Big Brother 2023 Contestant

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Paul Big Brother 2023 Contestant, Nominate and Eviction latest news

Who is Paul?

Paul is a 23-year-old security officer from Liverpool. He lives with his granddad and describes himself as “extroverted to say the least” and a “bit nuts”.

Paul Big Brother 2023 Contestant

How old is he?

Paul is 23 years old.

His location

Paul’s hometown is Liverpool, and he takes immense pride in representing the city and its people on the show.

His business and job

Paul’s occupation is that of a security officer.

Why he’s on Big Brother

Paul’s decision to join Big Brother was influenced by his mother and the encouragement of others who believed he would be a perfect fit for the show. He simply followed their advice and applied, eventually becoming one of the 16 housemates vying for the £100,000 cash prize. He reckons he’ll be nominated for “being the biggest wind-up, eating all the food, and being the loudest”.

What to expect from him on the show

Paul seems like a fun and outgoing character who is sure to bring some excitement to the Big Brother house. He is also a bit of a wildcard, so it will be interesting to see how he plays the game.

Friends description

Paul’s friends and family describe him as extroverted, a bit nuts, and an agony aunt. They say that he is always there to listen to them and support them, but he also knows how to have a good time and take the p*ss out of them.

Big Brother fan’s reaction

Some Big Brother fans were disgusted by Paul’s confession that he goes to the toilet with the door open, with some calling for him to be evicted. However, others were entertained by his candidness and found him to be a likable character.

Big Brother announced the 4th week next four housemates Nominated for eviction and will face the public vote

In the world of Big Brother 2023, an impending double eviction is set for this Friday night, November 3rd, and the nervous contenders for this thrilling event have just been revealed. In a Halloween-themed twist, Kerry Riches found herself unexpectedly evicted due to “cursed nominations” from Noky and Trish. Now, the stage is set for an extra intense live eviction event this Friday, with two housemates bidding farewell to the Big Brother House.

On the episode that aired on November 1st, the nominees for the double eviction were unveiled, and they are Dylan, Noky, Paul, and Trish. Dylan received seven nominations from Henry, Noky, Chanelle, Matty, Jenkin, Yinrun, and Trish. Noky wasn’t far behind with six nominations from Olivia, Jenkin, Dylan, Paul, Jordan, and Tom. Trish found herself nominated by five housemates: Olivia, Chanelle, Dylan, Paul, and Tom, while Paul faced four nominations from Noky, Henry, Yinrun, and Trish.

Paul is Evicted From Big Brother House

In a dramatic turn of events, the Big Brother house experienced its first double eviction, with Paul and Dylan being the unfortunate contestants voted out by the public. Their departure marked the exit of the fifth and sixth participants from the house.

Paul was the first to leave, sharing a brief hug with his fellow housemates before exiting through the iconic Big Brother eye, greeted by a chorus of boos. Dylan followed closely behind.

During an interview on Big Brother: Late & Live, Paul reflected on his experience, acknowledging the tensions within the house: “We all did wind each other up.” Despite viewers witnessing heated arguments between Paul and Trish, the two seemed to reconcile before his departure. Paul also commented, “Not everyone can be everyone’s cup of tea… I think Trish and I are very similar people, so we could clash. I do enjoy teasing people, and I mentioned that before I entered the house.”

In previous weeks, we saw Farida Khalifa and Zak Srakaew evicted, followed by Hallie Clarke and Kerry Riches.

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