Zak Big Brother 2023 Contestant

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Zak Big Brother 2023 Contestant, Latest Updates about Eviction

Who is Zak?

Zak is a 28-year-old model from Manchester. He moved to Manchester from Thailand when he was around nine or 10 years old and often surprises people when he tells them his life story.

Big Brother 2023 Contestant

Why did he apply to be a Big Brother housemate?

Zak applied to be a Big Brother housemate because he feels like it’s a show where he can get his personality across. He says that he has a personality that the world needs to see and that his friends and family have always told him that he should watch TV. Zak says that he doesn’t want to do a dating show, but instead wants to do a show where he can just be himself and have a laugh with people.

What is he most looking forward to about the experience?

Zak is most looking forward to doing the tasks, having fun, and getting to know loads of strangers. He says that he is excited to meet everyone and see what everyone’s about. Zak doesn’t really know what to expect but is just excited to find out what’s going to happen.

How would his friends and family describe him?

Zak’s friends and family would describe him as cheeky, funny, and caring.

Interesting fact about himself

Zak grew up in the jungle in Thailand. When he was a kid, he used to collect snakes and everything.

What is he most likely to get nominated for?

Zak thinks that he is most likely to get nominated because he is a model. He says that people often have a misconception about models, thinking that they are arrogant. Zak says that he is not a typical model and that he is a down-to-earth guy. He also says that people assume he is arrogant, but when they actually get to know him, they realize that he has a lot more to offer.

What would he do with the prize money if he won?

If Zak won the prize money, he would pay off his debts and help his family out. He would also use some of the money to build a park in his village back home in Thailand, as where he grew up, there are no parks or playgrounds.

Dream celebrity to live with

Zak’s dream celebrity to live with is Seth Rogen. He thinks that Seth is funny and that he would be a good laugh to be around. He would also like to live with Mike Tyson, as he thinks that he is quite a character. Finally, Zak would like to live with Nicole Scherzinger.

Zak is a 28-year-old model from Manchester who is looking forward to having fun and getting to know loads of strangers in the Big Brother house. He is a down-to-earth guy who is sure to bring some laughs to the show.

ITV Show Big Brother second week Eviction nominees are Zak and Henry latest Updates

On ITV’s Big Brother, this week’s eviction nominees are Zak and Henry. In a departure from last week, where each housemate could only nominate one person, this time, they were asked to choose two nominees each.

Zak and Henry earned their nomination spots by receiving the highest number of nominations from their fellow housemates. Zak received a total of five nominations from Hallie, Kerry, Chanelle, Jenkin, and Henry.

Viewers now have the opportunity to cast their votes to evict one of the two nominated housemates. The live eviction will take place during Friday’s episode.

In the previous 1st week, Farida, a 50-year-old makeup artist from Wolverhampton, was evicted. The forthcoming eviction will see either Zak or Henry leaving the Big Brother house. The evictee will then be interviewed live by hosts AJ Odudu and Will Best on Big Brother: Late & Live at 10 pm on Friday night.

Who was evicted in 2nd week from the Big Brother house?

Zak was the second housemate to face eviction from the house. The eviction came after a challenging episode in which the housemates undertook a grueling task involving the consumption of unappetizing fast food. Zak hails from Manchester and expressed his eagerness to engage in various tasks while in the house.

In Zak’s own words: “I’m looking forward to participating in tasks, having a good time, and getting to know a diverse group of individuals. I’m excited to meet everyone and discover more about their personalities. I’m unsure of what to anticipate, so I’m simply excited to experience whatever unfolds.”

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