Henry Southan: The Big Brother House Contestant, 25, a Food Writer from the Cotswolds

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Henry Southan Big Brother UK 2023 contestant surname, parents, school, age, career, job

Henry is a 25-year-old food writer from the Cotswolds who is one of the contestants on the 2023 season of Big Brother. He is a self-professed royalist who loves to eat and drink, and he is hoping to learn some life skills while he is in the house, such as how to cook and clean.

Who is Henry Southan?

Henry is a 25-year-old food writer from Toddington in the Cotswolds. Henry has been characterized as possessing a “posh,” “opinionated,” and “quirky” personality. Additionally, he is known to exhibit strong listening skills and unwavering loyalty as a friend.

How old is Henry’s big brother?

Henry Southan is a 25-year-old food writer from Toddington in the Cotswolds

Henry big brother’s job?

He is a food writer from Toddington

Henry’s Educational Background, School

Henry grew up in a small village in the Cotswolds, and he attended a private boarding school. After leaving school, he studied food writing at university, and he has since worked as a freelance food writer for a number of magazines and websites.

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The backlash against Britain’s boarding schools

Henry went to boarding school, and he has said that he would love to be a matron in the Big Brother house. This has sparked a debate about the pros and cons of boarding schools.

Why he’s on Big Brother

Henry says that he decided to go on Big Brother because he is a big fan of the show, and he thought it would be a “unique opportunity” to experience life in the Big Brother house. He is also hoping to learn some new skills and challenge himself.

What to expect from him on the Big Brother show

Henry is sure to be a controversial figure on Big Brother. He is not afraid to speak his mind, and he is likely to clash with some of the other contestants. However, he is also a good listener and a loyal friend, so he is sure to have his supporters in the house.

Big Brother has made a grand comeback, and a standout participant hails from the Cotswolds. Henry, a 25-year-old, claimed the 14th spot in this season’s Big Brother roster. He’s eagerly anticipating his chance for a “moment of craziness” on this iconic reality TV stage.

Big Brother Contestant Henry’s political views

Henry is a self-professed royalist and he voted for the Conservative Party in the last election. He has said that he thinks people who don’t like the royal family should just leave the country.

Henry’s goals for the show

Henry says that he wants to emerge from the Big Brother house as an “adult” and learn some life skills, such as how to cook, clean, and wash.

Henry’s parent’s description of him

Henry’s parents have described him as a “snob,” but he takes this as a compliment. He says that it means that he has high standards and good taste.

fans react to Big Brother Henry

Some Big Brother fans have reacted negatively to Henry, calling him “instant ick” and predicting that he will be the first to be evicted. Others have given him the benefit of the doubt, saying that he brings an interesting mix of interests and aspirations to the show.

Will Henry be a successful Big Brother contestant?

Only time will tell if Henry will be a successful Big Brother contestant. However, his controversial views and outspoken personality are sure to make him one of the most talked-about contestants on the show.

Henry is a complex and controversial figure. He is a self-professed royalist who loves to eat and drink, but he is also hoping to learn some life skills while he is in the Big Brother house. It will be interesting to see how he gets on with the other contestants and how the public reacts to him.

Henry: The Big Brother House Contestant’s Latest Update about Nomination

Big Brother has just revealed that Henry and Zak are the chosen housemates to contend in the public vote leading up to the second live eviction of the series scheduled for Friday night. This decision left many people in shock, with a fair amount of frustration directed toward Kerry, who managed to evade nomination after surviving last week’s eviction.

Zak gathered five nominations from Hallie, Kerry, Chanelle, Jenkin, and Henry, whereas Henry have four nominations from Dylan, Olivia, Noky, and Jenkin. The selection of only two housemates for nomination raised questions among viewers, who wondered why other contestants with multiple nominations weren’t included in the list.

The final results were announced on October 20th, with Henry being declared safe and Zak being evicted from the Big Brother house.

Big Brother’s Explosive Final Week: Face-to-Face Nominations and Shocking Eviction Twist Unveiled”

Big Brother’s gearing up for an explosive final week of the show. They’re changing things up—housemates will now nominate each other right in front of everyone, and it’s going to have some pretty surprising outcomes.

The top three most nominated housemates will face an unexpected eviction. But here’s the twist: instead of being sent straight home, they’ll secretly watch the others and even get a chance to come back and confront those who voted them out.

In a preview, a guy named Jordan didn’t hold back and told Jenkin he wasn’t his favorite. People are excited about the drama this is stirring up.

This big change is making the end of the series super exciting, and fans are already looking forward to the celebrity version coming next. The hosts will be AJ Odudu and Will Best again, and they’re all set to bring in some new famous faces for more memorable moments.

Big Brother 2023 Reaches its Finale

After six weeks and over 30 episodes, ITV’s Big Brother reboot is approaching its thrilling conclusion. What commenced with 16 housemates has now narrowed down to six, but not without a final twist that Big Brother aptly termed a ‘reckoning,’ leading to the unexpected eviction of a housemate.

Unexpected Eviction Shakes the House

In a shocking turn of events, the beloved housemate Matty bid an emotional farewell in the latest episode. The remaining contestants gathered in the living room to read letters from their family members. However, when it was Matty’s turn, the somber announcement was made: he had been evicted and had to leave the house immediately. The revelation left the housemates in stunned silence, with tears flowing as they grappled with the abrupt departure of Matty.

Big Brother Finalists Unveiled

Following Matty’s emotional exit, only five contestants remain, officially designated as the Big Brother finalists. The contenders in the race for the coveted title are Henry, Jordan, Noky, Olivia, and Yinrun. The winner of Big Brother 2023 on ITV will be unveiled tomorrow night, Friday, November 17, with the victorious housemate taking home a life-changing cash prize of £100,000.

Jordan in Big Brother 2023 Finale

The Unfaltering Wit of Jordan: Big Brother 2023 Winner

In a thrilling Big Brother 2023 finale, 26-year-old lawyer Jordan, known for his sardonic humor and deadpan delivery, emerged as the champion, securing the coveted £100,000 prize. His distinctive persona remained unshaken when declared the winner, contrasting with the excitement of runner-up Olivia, who secured second place with glee.

Unexpected Twists: Yinrun’s Shocking Fourth-Place Finish

Despite being the favored contestant, the heart-of-gold Yinrun, a 25-year-old customer support agent from Shanghai living in Harrogate, shockingly exited as the second finalist, securing a fourth-place finish. Henry claimed the third-place spot, winning £1,000, paving the way for Olivia’s second-place position and Jordan’s unexpected victory.

Jordan’s Evolution: From Enigma to Fan Favorite

Initially enigmatic, Jordan endeared himself to the public with his witty humor, navigating a love triangle with Matty and fellow finalist Henry. As the winner, questions arose about Jordan’s future with Henry, whom he initially described as having a “platonic with kisses” relationship.

Post-Finale Revelations: Romantic Plans and Future Getaways

In a post-finale episode, Jordan disclosed plans for a romantic getaway with Henry to a five-star hotel, humorously suggesting a twin room. The duo also hinted at a romantic holiday in New York and Florence post-Big Brother.

Olivia’s Enthusiasm and Jordan’s Miffed Expression

Despite Jordan’s miffed expression upon winning, Olivia officially claimed the runner-up position, displaying even more enthusiasm than the laid-back Jordan, who, true to form, declared his need for a drink to celebrate.

Big Brother Romance: Henry Secures Third Place

Food writer Henry secured the third-place spot in the Big Brother 2023 final, receiving a farewell peck from Jordan, who affectionately expressed his admiration before Henry left the house. The two revealed plans for future vacations, including destinations like New York and Florence, marking a blossoming Big Brother romance.

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